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Fireplace and Chimney Inspection Services in Frisco, TX

If you are currently residing in Frisco, Texas, and are looking for reliable and trustworthy Fireplace and Chimney Inspection services, look no further than All Around Real-Estate Inspections. We understand how important a functioning fireplace and chimney system is to ensure maximum comfort and safety for your home. Our team of experts is equipped with the latest technology and tools to carry out a thorough inspection of your fireplace and chimney system. We have years of experience in identifying any potential issues within your fireplace or chimney that might cause serious damage to your property in the future.


Keep Your Home Safe with Our Fireplace and Chimney Inspection

At All Around Real-Estate Inspections, we believe that home safety and comfort are non-negotiable. This is why we offer a comprehensive Fireplace and Chimney inspection service to our esteemed clients in Frisco, Texas. Our professionally trained inspectors carry out a thorough inspection of your chimney's interior and exterior, pointing out any cracks or crevices that might cause structural damage to the house. We will also inspect the fireplace to ensure it’s in perfect working condition and isn't emitting any hazardous gases like carbon monoxide.

All Around Real-Estate Inspections is the ultimate destination for all your Fireplace and Chimney inspection needs in Frisco, Texas. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of service, ensuring your home is safe and comfortable for your loved ones. Contact us today to schedule a Fireplace and Chimney Inspection appointment with our experts.

The 3 Levels of Chimney Inspection

As a homeowner, it's crucial to understand the three levels of chimney inspection to keep your family safe and secure. The National Fire Protection Association has established these standards as a way to ensure that buildings with chimneys are inspected thoroughly and accurately. Our experienced All Around Real Estate Inspections professionals evaluate your chimney according to the level of inspection required.

  • The first level is a basic visual inspection of the readily accessible parts of your chimney.

  • The second level involves an inspection with the aid of special tools that help to identify potential hazards.

  • The third level requires the removal of specific components to investigate and repair significant damages.


We are committed to providing our clients with comprehensive, reliable, and affordable chimney inspection services.


Schedule Your Fireplace and Chimney Inspection Today in Frisco, TX

Don't wait until the cold winter months arrive to schedule your fireplace and chimney inspection. Now is the perfect time to book your appointment with All Around Real Estate Inspections and avoid potential hazards down the road. Your fireplace and chimney system should be thoroughly inspected by a certified expert to ensure your home is safe and secure. Our inspectors will examine your chimney, including the firebox, flue, and other vital components, to ensure there are no blockages or damages that could put your family's safety at risk. We use advanced tools and equipment to inspect, clean, and repair your fireplace and chimney. Our team is qualified to provide professional services to homeowners and commercial property owners throughout Frisco, TX, and surrounding areas. Contact All Around Real Estate Inspections today to schedule your inspection at an affordable price.


Why Have a Chimney Inspection?

A chimney is a crucial component of your home's heating system. It is well-known that creosote buildup in the chimney can cause chimney fires, which can lead to severe damage and even threaten the safety of your family. However, a chimney inspection is not just about preventing fire hazards. A thorough inspection can identify problems like carbon monoxide leaks, draft issues, and structural problems, ensuring your fireplace operates safely and efficiently.

When Should I Get A Chimney Inspection?

It is crucial to get a chimney inspection before using your fireplace for the first time. However, there are several other occasions when you should consider getting an inspection done. If you have recently changed or upgraded your heating system, if there has been significant damage to your home, or if you have concerns about your chimney's performance and reliability, it is the best time to schedule a chimney inspection.

How Often Should You Clean Your Chimney?

How often you should clean your chimney ultimately depends on how often you use your fireplace or heating system. As a general rule, it is recommended to inspect your chimney annually, and cleaning is necessary whenever creosote buildup reaches 1/8 inch thick or more. If you use your fireplace frequently, it may be necessary to clean your chimney every six months. Remember, timely cleaning and inspection will not only increase your chimney's efficiency but also ensures your family's safety.

Commercial Property Standards of Practice

We inspect the property according to the International Standards of Practice for Inspecting Commercial Properties. 


Inspector Certifications

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Our inspectors are certified by InterNACHI®, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. Members of InterNACHI® have completed required hands-on training, including Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice courses. I am qualified to perform the best and most thorough commercial building and property inspection for our clients.

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